How To Get Rid of Bad Makeup Habits

By on October 28, 2011

 How To Get Rid of Bad Makeup Habits

1- Keeping makeup in the bathroom is definitely not a good idea. The humidity in the bathroom makes in a good area for bacteria to grow and hide up in your foundation, eye shadow, and the rest of the makeup kit. You should store your makeup in a cool dry place.

2- Keeping makeup brushes dirty. Neglecting to wash your makeup brushes will keep them very grimy and bristled which is not good for your skin. Clean your brushes every other day with baby shampoo or soap and keep them to dry during the night. There are also cleaning wipes that are available in the market that can do the the job but the brush should still be washed completely every other week.

3- Sleeping with your makeup on. This is the fastest way to get zits and pimples … and a dirty bed. Keep you makeup remover near your bed for easy access if you are too lazy or too tired. As always, the best wipes should have moisturising properties and should contain vitamin E.

4-Using old makeup. Using expired makeup will not harm you but it will not look good on you at all. Over time, colors change, formulas seperate, and powders get dry. Throw away anything that is has been open for more than a year. Mascara, as an exceptions, gets bad in 3 month.