How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks with Home Remedies

By on November 16, 2011

Simple and effective home remedies to get rid of stretch marks.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need
Vitamin K cream
Lavender oil
Aloe vera gel
Vitamin E
Vaseline intensive care lotion
Cocoa butter
Aroma oils
Apricot scrub
Apply Vitamin K cream over the affected areas. Additionally eat vegetables and foods rich in Vitamin K such as green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, liver and dairy products.

Apply lavender oil to heal and soothe stretch marks.Apply oil thrice a day a few days tpo get good results.p

Apply Aloe vera gel or vitamin E cream liberally over the affected parts.

Applying Vaseline Intensive care solution during and after pregnancy also gives some astounding results.

Apply cocoa butter during pregnancy to avoid the appearance of stretch marks on abdomen and surrounding areas.

Eat seeds and nuts rich in zinc. Zinc protects the body from sagging and stretch marks forming.

Message the body with aroma oils during and after pregnancy to help avoid stretch marks problem.

Rub the affected areas with apricot scrub to fade the marks eventually.

Pregnancy excercises are recommnded to maintain a good over all health .