How to grow hair longer

By on October 31, 2011

 How to grow hair longer

Dreaming of getting healthy, long and beautiful hair,does this seems difficult to you? Actually it is not that difficult that you are thinking of, but require a liitle attention towards your hair care.

It does not require a lot of salon hair products, lot of expensive vitamins not any sacrifices to the long hair gods. What is required is common sense, dedication and lot of patience. Growing long hair is indeed the question of what you need not do with your hair rather than what you should!

There are various steps to grow log hair which if followed nicely you will not only you will be able to grow long hair but also your hair will remain healthy and beautiful throughout the process.

The first step to growing long, beautiful hair is the most important. It is absolutely non negotiable for anyone who wants healthy hair at any length, but it is also one of the hardest step you will have to follow. In order to have long beautiful hair, you have to start with healthy hair. Every inch that is considerably damaged must be cut off. Remember, once your hair is of your waist length the ends can be as many as six years old. In six years your hair will go through a lot of trauma no matter how much care you take of it. As there is absolutely no way to repair damaged hair, you must start out with healthy hair to have healthy hair when it’s long, there’s no way you can have it.

You should trim your hair more often. Damage to your hair moves up from the ends and the only way to stop the damage in its tracks is to remove it as soon as it happens. You should use good tools for trimming as using anything else can rather cause more splitting down the road. It’s important that the scissors used should be very sharp, made specifically for hair cutting only. If you are actively growing your hair you should trim it a half inch every three or four months. In between trims it is beneficial to sit in bright light and snit any split ends of every hair with a good pair of scissors. Its important to trim it more often if your hair shows damage. Damaged hair does not grow, and if you just let it go, the damage will only increase with time.

Avoid using any heated appliances whenever possible. If you use any heat in your hair be sure to use any product that will protect it fro damage. But you should keep that in mind that every time you use or apply any heat, its likely to cause some damage.

Avoid using any harsh chemicals on your hair. If you must color, always use non peroxide color , 100% natural henna. Lastly and by far most importantly, you should never perm or straighten your hair for any reason as these products actually break down the chemical structure of your hair and re build it to be artificially straight. Avoid chlorine and saltwater. If you go swimming in either you should shampoo you hair as soon as possible after exposure. Avoid extreme diets. If your body isn’t getting enough nutrition so as your hair. If you try to avoid fat just don’t completely eliminate all fat from your diet. Be extremely gentle with your hair while washing it. Don’t rub it vigorously with a towel when its wet.