How to have perfect lips to show off the most glamorous lipstick

By on October 21, 2011

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Having perfect lips and treated is very important especially now that winter is coming. The trend for make-up mouth in cold weather provides predominantly scarlet lips and matte. The lipstick in dark colors or important … tend to attract the attention on the mouth, if this is combined with a matte finish that tends to emphasize Righetti and flaky skin, the result can be a disaster if you do not come prepared. To allow you to show off red lipstick and burgundy without any fear today we want to give you some useful tips that will provide you with swollen lips and treated.

To have a mouth glam in the coming months you will need to constantly take care of our lips. The cold weather tends to dry and stressed, but to wear a burgundy lipstick to make sure that we are nourished, smooth and soft.

To have healthy mouth is important to the daily care, as you take care of your face using a good moisturizer you have to take care of your lips by applying a good lip balm nourishes. During the day I recommend you use a stick, so you can apply it several times without problems, while in the evening as a shock treatment you can use the moisturizing shea butter and jojoba oil.

To have lips soft, plump and smooth is essential to remove all the cuticles and dead cells. To exfoliate lips so delicate I recommend rubbing gently for a few minutes with a soft bristle toothbrush with a couple of times a week, or to alternate this treatment with a DIY scrub made ​​with honey and zuccherro, or honey and powdered apricot kernel.