How to have Smear free and Non-tacky Nail Color?

By on December 28, 2011

nail polish 729 420x0 How to have Smear free and Non tacky Nail Color?

Most of the girls love to decorate their nails with different vibrant colors. It makes one look all the more chic. Long beautifully painted nails are every girl’s favorite. But have you ever thought how it actually feels after spending hours on your manicure and then forever polishing your nails when you accidentally rub it against something then all your hard work just goes down the drain, man! Isn’t it cruel!!! Hence I have thought of a plan to teach you how to paint your nails properly without any smear or smudge. So just follow these simple steps and have smear and chip free beautifully painted nails that don’t look tacky.

Before you start, make sure your nail polish is not more than 2 months old. A nail polish can go on forever if you don’t open it but once you use it then its life becomes limited and it tends to become clumpy and take forever to dry.

Next let your nail polish sit on warm water for sometime, say about a few minutes as this will provide smoother application of your nail polish on your nails. Suppose you don’t have a bowl of warm water you can just roll the nail polish between your palms and shake well before use, this will also heat up the nail polish.

Your nails need to be properly manicured before you apply nail polish. You can remove your previous nail color, file and trim the nails while your nail polish sits on warm water. Once you are through with this task you can move on to coloring your nails. You need to avoid the contact of your polish to your skin at any cost. Once you fully color your nails, leave it to dry for at least five minutes. After 5 minutes your nails are dry and non-tacky but kindly don’t touch it to make sure, you can just say so by the look of it. After this, get a bowl of warm water and place your hands in that water for about 4 minutes and then move them to a bowl of cool water and this time make your hands relax in cool water for 5 minutes.  And there you are, go ahead and enjoy your smear free non-tacky beautifully colored nails.