How To Hide a Double Chin with makeup

By on December 28, 2011

very low applying makeup slideshow image medium How To Hide a Double Chin with makeup

If you’re overweight and have a double chin then you can remove it by exercising and adopting a healthy diet. But if you are not overweight and still have a double chin then you can’t lose it through weight reduction. Incase if your double chin is genetic then you can either remove it surgically or hide it by using makeup. Here is how you can hide a double chin by using makeup in just 5 minutes.


2 colors of foundation (one shade exactly like your skin complexion and the other one tone darker than your skin)

Face wash




Loose powder

Makeup brush (optional)


You have to start this process with a clean face. Make sure you wash your face with warm water and a gentle face wash. Apply moisturizer and toner also. You can skip the moisturizer part if your skin is oily. In case if you have any pimples or scars on your face apply a thin layer of concealer over them to diminish their appearance. It is better to use a yellow-toned concealer as it will disguise almost all types of blemishes.

Once you are done with it, you can use your ring finger or a brush to put the darker-colored foundation on your double chin first. Start from jawline and make downward strokes all the way towards your neck. Apply a very thin layer of foundation because if you put a very thick coat of foundation then it will obviously look very prominent. Next you use another brush or wash your ring finger and apply the lighter-colored foundation on your face. Make sure to apply the foundation all over your face, especially on your jawline where you had started to spread the darker-colored foundation to give the illusion of continuity. Set the two foundations you have applied by patting loose powder on your face.

This surely is a very affective trick and all you people our there who are conscious of your double can easily cover it by two different tones of foundation.