How To lighten Hair Naturally Without spoiling

By on October 1, 2011

lighthair How To lighten Hair Naturally Without spoiling

In fact there are a lot of ways, all natural, to avoid sunburn and to use that will help you get a lighter color tone of your. Of course, with natural methods, the bleaching of your hair will be … much slower, but with a little ‘patience you can get a nice color! Let’s see the natural methods that you can try to lighten your hair.

The lightening with natural products, works just like the chemicals, or with a small release of hydrogen peroxide lightens the hair. Obviously with natural products, the presence of this element will be very bland and for this you need several applications.

I have already talked about how lighten your hair but remember that with certain products, you can have the beautiful golden hues, such as cassia and henna blonde (made of various herbs and spices). To lighten the classic lemon are excellent and even the tomatoes.

To lighten naturally you can also use the lemon to add water to rinse your hair, honey, which is also a great pack you otters, chamomile, which can also be used with lemon, henna neutral, the beer, ginger, saffron and turmeric as well as wheat germ oil for a golden reflections.
Also good beer that must be applied to hair and massaged thoroughly over the entire length. Let your hair dry in the sun or use a towel to keep in mind to wipe the beer.