How To Make a Ballet Bun

By on December 28, 2011

modern tips for make ballet bun hairstyles hairstyles 8 How To Make a Ballet Bun

Most of the girls find the suave and serene look of a ballerina very attractive. Their posture, attire, makeup etc is the perfect epitome of a petite doll. The best thing about a ballerina is their hairstyle or ballet bun. Its very easy to make a strong and durable ballet bun. Try it out at home before you perform in your class.

Things You’ll Need

Heavy duty bobby pins or hairpins that match your hair

Hair net that matches your hair color

Regular bobby pins that match your hair color

Hair spray

Ponytail holders



Before you start this process make sure your hair is washed and brushed properly. There must not be any tangles as this will make it difficult for the bun to achieve its desired look. Next you pull back your hair at the back using a comb or brush to remove the bumps. You can also use hairspray to smooth your wisps. With a help of a rubber band tie a ponytail at the back of your head. For extra security put an extra rubber band around your ponytail. This way you will have a strong foundation for your bun. Now you separate your ponytail in half. Take one half and twist the whole strand together, tightly. Tightly curl the strand of hair around the ponytail holder. Hold up your hair use heavy-duty bobby pins or hairpins and secure your hair with it. If the first half of your bun feels a little shaky, put more bobby pins in where desired. Repeat these same steps for the second half of your ponytail. Cover your bun with a hair net so that your bun doesn’t fall off. Make sure you use the hair net that matches your hair color. To get rid of any wispies, or frizzies, lightly spray hairspray, all over.