How To Make a Simple Charm Bracelet for a teen girl

By on August 8, 2011

Make a Simple Charm Bracelet
for a teen girl

Here’s a simple charm bracelet for a teen girl you can easily make for your teenage daughter or teenage granddaughter.The lovely charms on this bracelet will surely charm any fashion conscious teen girl; handbag, hat, shoes, sandal, beach slipper,lock and key and a real cute bicycle.All the charms that speak of youth and fashion.

These are inexpensive charms that you can buy from any jewelry craft stores. They are made of base metal.And while you are looking for these charms, ask for a suitable base metal bracelet. You can get one with either a clasp or a toggle.A safety chain is not necessary for this charm bracelet.

charm bracelets 2s How To Make a Simple Charm Bracelet for a teen girl

Making this charm bracelet for a teen girl

With all your charms, bracelet and jewelry tools gathered and in one place, let’s begin to create the charm bracelet.

Jewerly Making Supplies Needed :

1. bracelet

2. charms

3. jump rings

4. flat-nosed pliers

charm bracelets 1 How To Make a Simple Charm Bracelet for a teen girl

Jewelry Making Instructions :

1. Count the links on your bracelet

2. Count the number of charms you are going to hang on the bracelet

3. Divide the number of links with the number of charms

4. If you can’t get an whole number of links; e.g. 3.5 links , then add an extra charm or reduce one.You can also start on the 2nd or 3rd link from the clasp or toggle and end on 2 or 3 links before the end of the bracelet.

5. Now arrange the charms anyway you like or seem right to you.

6. With the pliers, open the jump rings with a lift-up movement.

7. Place the charm loop inside the jump ring.

8. Hook the charm to the appropriate link on the bracelet and close the jump ring with a down movement.

9. Continue adding the rest of the charms.

And there’s your beautiful charm bracelet for a teen girl.