How To Make A Stamp To Decorate Stamping

By on February 28, 2013

stamp to decorate stamping How To Make A Stamp To Decorate Stamping

Good morning friends! Today I want to explain how to make a seal, the typical, for printing on all kinds of things. Let’s make a homemade label, so we can make the way we want a simple a heart a moon or something a little more complex.

Ideal for children’s decorations as well as being a toy for children these stamps can be made easily and serve us for many crafts and decorating wooden boxes furniture books cards and even textiles.
The first thing we will do is have some elements such as EVA, scissors a pen a piece of wood or a taco carpenter’s white glue and colored inks for stamps. The first thing we will do is put the piece or block of wood on the rubber Eva color you want. Then the pen traces the outline of it so we have a small reference space for the shape or design you want.

The EVA also traces the drawing you want a moon, and a star if simple shapes will be easier. Once done cut out the shape and are located on the wooden block. Now take a little wood glue and adhere the cut-out shape the piece of wood block more or less in the center press and let adheres.
And it’s that easy! Already have the seal in the shape you want perfect for printing textiles and accessories furniture and everything you want! How you see it is very simple to make and is an activity that even we can do with our children!