How to make a winter trendiest ponytail

By on September 30, 2011

The most trendy ponytail coming winter will be low, and rigorous liscissima. Hair trends for the beginning of 2012 include hair neat, minimal and essential, the volume disappears exaggerated and are set aside the ra … ccolti hyper built and structured. The ponytail will be very strong in the coming months, but even this to be really catches up to the dictates arrived from the catwalk. Making a queue liscissima may seem very simple and rigorous, but to obtain a hyper-glamorous, and ordered it right and necessary to work the hair. Let’s see how.

To make a ponytail rigorous and orderly it is important that the hair is liscissimi, silky and shiny. To get a head of this type is necessary to achieve a perfect crease, which involves the use of the plate on the lengths. Without this it is essential to apply the tips, to give a glossy hair, a moisturizer and anti frizz serum, a few drops of linseed oil are perfect in this case.

Having been granted a perfect bend must comb your hair, you can get them all back and make a very precise central line, the choice is yours. To complete the ponytail with a rubber band stops the hair, here you have a dual option, you can choose to make a tall and slender tail, or opt for the opposite extreme and make a low ponytail. To achieve the effect seen on the catwalks posh remember to wrap a strand of hair around the tail to hide the clip


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