How to Make Manicure Last Longer

By on October 28, 2011

 How to Make Manicure Last Longer

We all get great pleasure in getting our nails done, but when the manicure starts to crash … well you know how that feels.

So what is the right way to apply Manicure so that they last as much as possible without having to go to a nail salon? Here are the tips:

1- Clean your nails with soap and water and then dry them with a towel.  If your fingers are damp, the nail polish will crack in no time.

2- Apply one thick layer of a base that is adhesive (it should say adhesive on the label).

3- Apply two layers of your favourite color, and then cover with a top protective base coat.

4- When applying, wipe the side of the brush on the side of your bottle and the sweep that side in the middle of your nail. Follow that with  one swipe down each of the sides. Before applying the next coat, wait 2 minutes for the current coat to dry. This is key to make your manicure last longer.

5- Consider refreshing the top coat every other day if your nails need it.

6- Do not add nail polish thinners to your bottle, this will cause the polish to peal off quickly.

7- Wait at least 2 hours to make sure that the coat are completely dry before your expose your hands to  water. Wait half a day before you expose your nails to any kind of heat.

8- Moisturize your nails frequently. The healthy surface will make nail polish last longer.

Do I need to remind you to use non toxic nail polish brands only ?