How to Make Natural Vitamin E Hand Cream

By on November 22, 2011

 How to Make Natural Vitamin E Hand Cream

Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that can keep your skin looking young and healthy. The vitamin can be an essential part of your natural hand creams as well, as it works as a preservative to extend the shelf life of your homemade products.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need
Sweet almond oil
Vitamin E capsules
Double boiler
Essential oil
Small jars with tight fitting lids

Combine 4 oz. of sweet almond oil, 1 oz. of beeswax and the oil from six 400 IU vitamin E capsules in the top portion of a double boiler. Heat the mixture over low heat until the wax melts. Don’t overheat the oils, as too much heat can destroy the natural healing properties of the oil. At no time should the mixture be too hot to touch.

Remove the mixture from heat and add 10 drops of your favorite essential oil. The healing properties of chamomile, lavender and orange are all great options that will accentuate the healing properties of your vitamin E hand cream.

Stir the ingredients constantly as the mixture cools. While still warm enough to pour, carefully distribute the finished vitamin E hand cream into small jars with tight fitting lids. Allow the cream to cool completely before sealing.

Extend the shelf life of your natural hand creams by keeping them in a cool, dark place or even in the refrigerator.