How To Make Your Own Right Fitness Program Schedule

By on March 17, 2012

todo physicalmcrd1 How To Make Your Own Right Fitness Program Schedule

Lots of people would love to start hitting the gym and get in shape, but the trouble often resides in finding the right fitness program schedule.

There are studies that have shown that the morning is the optimal time to hit the gym. For men trying to build muscle these findings show that testosterone levels are at their highest in the morning. For women trying to lose fat there have been studies that prove stored carbohydrate counts to minimal in the mornings making the exercise conducted fat burning prime-time. These findings are worth keeping in mind when it comes it planning your own fitness program schedule.

The Program Must Fit You

Regardless of the studies, any fitness program schedule must fit a person’s personality and schedule. Many professionals who have homes and families find it difficult to work-out in the mornings. There are chores to be done and kids to feed and get off to school or day care. These types of people may want to consider a lunch time or evening workout.

Swimming, walking, or hitting the gym to lift weights or an elliptical machine at lunch time is convenient if there is a facility or track nearby. However, this will not always be the case. Instead, try to hit the gym on the way home from work. Pack a bag of work out gear and create a route home that makes you pass by a gym. Chances are there is already one on your current ride, walk, or commute home.

Schedule a Work-out and Show Up For It

No matter what time of day your personal fitness program schedule is being conducted make sure you keep those appointments. Note which days are going to be used for cardio or aerobic exercise and which ones are going to be for muscular strength and endurance. Once it is a regularly scheduled event a person will find themselves moving things around their work-outs rather than the other way around.

Find That Rhythm and Let it Rock

Many people find that once they have begun a fitness program schedule it is hard to stop. The body begins craving the exercise and once they start looking and feeling better that just drives the motivation to new levels.

If you miss a scheduled work out don’t freak out! Just tell yourself you are not going to miss two! Pick up right where you left off and get back in the swing of thin.