How To Make Zipper Rose

By on January 4, 2012

P1030431 How To Make Zipper Rose

I’ve really enjoyed seeing all the ways zippers have become an accessory.  You may have noticed that I like love flowers.  I whipped up these two roses and now I can’t stop thinking about all the different ways I would like to use them: on a headband, on a purse, as a hair clip, as a brooch, etc.


  • 30 inch upholstery zipper (you can buy a 72″ zipper and make two)
  • Scissors
  • Low-melt hot glue gun


    1. Cut the ends off the zipper and remove the moving part (I don’t know what that is called)
    2. Begin by squeezing a small strip of glue on one end, and rolling the zipper two times.
P1030416 How To Make Zipper Rose
    1. Create petals by folding the zipper into a point and gluing petal in place.  Form petals continuously in a triangular pattern around the center.
Picnik+collage How To Make Zipper Rose
  1. I used two different zippers.  The darker zipper is only 1/2 inch wide, and the lighter zipper is 5/8 inch wide.  The extra 1/8 inch made it much easier to form the petals without the fabric coming loose or having gaps.
P1030428 How To Make Zipper Rose
Daniel had some questions about glue, so here are the backs of each flowers.  I bumped up the contrast a little to help you see the lines.  I hope this helps!
P1030588 How To Make Zipper Rose

P1030589 How To Make Zipper Rose