How to organize the kitchen to save space

By on November 4, 2011

One of the most frequent concerns when organizing the house is properly locate everything in one place. Not only in small houses should be sought to save space but all that atmosphere in a large family develops.

organize kitchen How to organize the kitchen to save space

Thinking about the kitchen and its accessories can be the most space objects occupy; here are some ideas for you to save space on the set of this important sector of the home.

Table and board as an organizer

Few houses have an organizer like this but they really are a great option for small spaces. The idea is to bring the kitchen table and implemented in one place.

Locate the table right in the middle of the kitchen to be useful both in cooking and when it is time to eat.

Pastry with several divisions

The upper parts of the house are a great resource when it comes to saving or save space. For you do not have pots, cutlery and other accessories around your kitchen, it is best to mount a butler tables or just in areas where there is space.

In the picture below you can see an elegant white cabinet located under the faucet, allowing you to finish washing and immediately take place.

Organize furniture at a time

A cabinet with many drawers and divisions can be a complement you are looking to renovate your kitchen. The central idea is to locate certain items on the board, while larger will place in drawers.

There are spaces for tablecloths, aprons and other accessories. Unlike the board has the second image, this will be harder to cook because the material is white and more delicate.

Organizing iron structure

Choice of decoration that has a rustic and somewhat original iron structure is that you can commission a specialist. Try to get an estimate of the number of hooks you need to go size accordingly.

A chair or small step to remove the utensils you need them as you cook would be nice.