How To Polish Your Pearls

By on December 28, 2011

How to Clean Your Jewelry at Home mdn How To Polish Your Pearls

Pearl jewelries always look elegant and timeless and most of the women long to adorn their necks, wrists, and ears with such precious pieces. no matter what kind of pearl has been used Pearl jewelries can be quite expensive and it is very essential to take a very good care of these pieces so that they last a long time. Because pearls are not very durable, gentle care is required to prevent scratching their surface. Here are the steps in properly cleaning and polishing pearls in just 5 minutes.

Right after you take it off your pearl jewelry, wipe it with a soft, non-abrasive towel or cloth. As body oils and perspiration can be absorbed by the pearls which will lead to discoloration hence it should be wiped off immediately. Flannel, cotton, or chamois will work really well for this task. Then get a shallow bowl and fill it with lukewarm water and wash the pearls with very mild soap. Wash the pearl jewelry in the soap suds using only your hands. Do not soak it in the soap solution, as this will weaken the string that holds the pearls together. Then pat dry the pearls using a chamois. You can also engulf the pearls in a layer of lint-free, absorbent cloth and press on it gently. You can also occasionally polish the pearls with some olive oil or rice powder. You can just apply a tiny drop of olive oil to each pearl in the strand and wipe the oil very gently off your pearls. Use a small scrap of silk to buff the jewelry to the desired shine. You are done!!!