How to remove carpet stains

By on May 24, 2011

A very practical guide and necessary solutions to remove stains from carpet ……

Very important: to act immediately that there has been a stain.

Note that many drinks (coffee, tea, cola, fruit juices, etc.) contain tannins that when oxidized with air and heat take a brownish color shall be indelible, but was quickly countered.

remove carpet stains How to remove carpet stains

Also act quickly against urine and vomiting, which eventually cause discoloration of the fibers.

In general, it should be buffered without scrubbing and seek to remove the bulk of the stain using paper towel or clean cloth. Then act with appropriate means to counter, in the most effective, the stain on the basis of origin.

Some common stains and the solution to remove them:

Stains egg: use cold water and detergent. Soak the stained part with cold water.

Painting have on hand solvent and detergent. Apply a cloth soaked with solvent and remove the thick. Make repeated applications of solvent. Change the cloth as dirty. Then wash with detergent.

Liquor spots: if this is liquor dry, treat with hot water. Apply several times a tampon soaked in hot water to be renewed. If it is sweet liqueurs, working with methyl or ethyl alcohol to remove the main thing. Then, conclude with a solution of cold water and detergent.

Rust stains. water with bleach, solvents, water and vinegar. Dissolve in hot water a little solvent, soaking a tampon and treat the affected area. Rinse with clean water or slightly lowered, with a little vinegar.

Stains perfumes and colognes. Use hot water and alcohol. Dealing with tampons soaked in hot water first and then with alcohol.
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