How To Shape Your Eyebrows To Match Your Eye

By on October 28, 2011

 How To Shape Your Eyebrows To Match Your Eye

Deep Eyes:Expand the space between your eyes and eyebrows, and raise the eyebrows a bit by penciling in a little over the bone.

Wide Eyes: Pencil the eyebrows a bit nearer to the nose and don’t stretch them out at the edges.

Small Eyes: Make your eye brows just a little thicker by building them upwards just a bit at the top in order to highlight them. Clean out straggly hairs below and arch the brows slightly in the external third to give additional volume.

Close Eyes: Expand the space between your eyebrows somewhat by plucking and then lengthen the pencil line at the edges

Bug Eyes: Tweeze out all the hairs that grow downwards too much over your eyes and raise the eye brows to some extent from below