How to smell good in summer?

By on December 28, 2011

0712 summer perfume bd How to smell good in summer?

Do you feel conscious of your body odor? No one can stand bad smell, be it on them or someone else. It really makes one sick hence we must try not to be the cause of distress to someone else. Taking a daily shower and keeping clean may not prevent you from smelling bad. Hence here are a few measures that you can take to smell good.

Foods: Did you know that if you eat foods with strong smell then obviously you will smell bad, hence try avoiding foods with strong smell as it tends to stick to your clothes. Therefore next time think before you eat and try not to smell like a bad food.

Freshen your closet: Its not just you that needs to smell good, your clothes also need to smell fresh. Try to spray some fabric freshener in your closet so each time you don your outfit, you don’t smell like your stuffy closet. Plus even if you don’t take out your clothes for a while still they will smell good next time when you put them on.

Deodorant and body spray: Everyone out there; please wear deodorant as we all perspire. We sweat a lot in summer but wearing deodorant is not just important in summer it is equally necessary in winter. Because you wear layers of clothes during winter and you do perspire, so the deodorant will mask the smell of your sweat. Don’t forget body spray because they enhance your smell for the better.

Next time make sure that you do keep all this in mind and it will much better if you carry deodorant and body sprays in your bag. You can simply put them on in the washroom before the need arises and start smelling fresh all over again. But make sure you don’t over do it as its smell might suffocate everyone around you. Sometimes, less is more!