How To Style Your Hair In A Chic Bun

By on December 28, 2011

bun How To Style Your Hair In A Chic Bun

How to decide which hairstyle to wear today? Trying new and different look every other day is really in. Moreover updos, bun and chignon are the happening hairstyles now. There are end numbers of buns you can style and each one is so different and each one is really unique. Today I will tell you how you can style your hair in a chic bun in just 5 minutes. Here is how:

Things You’ll Need


Hair elastic

Bobby pins

Hair ornaments



To eliminate any tangles or knots Comb your hair carefully. Then divide your hair in three parts, separate the hair from your top in first part and then divide the hair in two sections at the back of your head. Take the hair from the top section of your head and tie it off with hair elastic. And twist it in a bun and secure it with bobby pins. Then you take the left section of hair from the back and wrap it around the bun, and fix it in place with hair pins. Repeat the same step with the other half. Secure your bun with the bobby pins and then decorate it with fancy hair ornament. You can also spray some hair spray if you want your hair to set properly.