How to Use Makeup to Enhance Facial Features

By on January 7, 2012

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You know you’re doing your everyday makeup right when you look like yourself, but more polished. Experiment with these easy techniques to bring out facial features that have been beautiful all along.


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    use makeup enhance facial features 1.1 800x800 How to Use Makeup to Enhance Facial FeaturesInstant eyelift!

    Lift downturned eyes by applying darker eyeshadow at the outer corners of your top eyelids, including the outside edge of the crease. Take care to not extend too far out with the darker color since this will actually drag your eyes even further down. Use a fluffy eyeshadow brush so that the edges of your darker eyeshadow fade into the lighter one you use as your base. Blend top edges of the dark eyeshadow upwards and outwards as well. Wing your top eyeliner slightly to finish the job.

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    Make eyes appear more luminous and open by highlighting inner corners with a subtle, shimmery translucent formula. Smooth onto browbones as well. Lighten up your undereye area with a concealer that brightens up your eyes and gets rid of the appearance of dark circles. Complete your transformation to doe-eyed ingenue by using an eyelash curler and swiping on a lengthening and thickening mascara on your top lashes. Black, soft black and dark brown mascara are safe options.

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    Slim down a wide nose by blending a slightly lighter shade of foundation than your normal one down the bridge. One with mildly light-reflective particles looks more natural than a flat matte formula, which may appear to sit on top of skin rather unnaturally.

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    use makeup enhance facial features 1.4 800x800 How to Use Makeup to Enhance Facial FeaturesWant lips that get compliments?

    Plump up lips by making use of lip primer, liner, lipstick and gloss created for this purpose. These products contain ingredients which cause blood to rush to the surface of the lips, thus giving them that bee-stung effect. Draw right on top of your natural lip line with the liner to enhance shape and fullness simultaneously. After your lips have been filled in with color, dab and lightly blend a lighter gloss in the center of your bottom lip to make it appear as though you have a fuller pout.

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    Define your bone structure through shading and highlighting. Once you are finished with the rest of your makeup application, brush on a bronzer or powder a couple of notches darker than your skin tone along your temples, jawline and hairline. Blend with a makeup sponge for a more natural appearance, where all hard and evident edges disappear. On the tops of your cheekbones, smooth on a highlighting product with universally flattering subtle gold tones to make them stand out. This works more effectively if you have on a natural-looking blush on the apples of your cheeks.