How to use wall decals

By on September 4, 2011

Guidelines and ideas for decorating a room using vinyl: What, how and where to buy place. The vinyl are a special type of sticker used in the decoration. They’re durable and tough, but what has become a star element in interior design is its affordability, ease of installation, versatility and the ability to remove them without damaging the original surface.

Can be placed on any surface, from tiles to textiles. Its variety of colors and the possibility of giving any desired shape allow you to use in different types of decor.

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Where to buy decals:

They are available at different stores, depending on what shape and style desired.

– Large areas of household utensils, such stores often have a section of decoration, which can be prefabricated vinyl.
– Stores Screen Printing: This type of establishments working with vinyl, so you can charge a completely customizable in terms of shape, size, color, or even printing an image on it.
– Specialized Websites: using search engines is easy to find sites that sell vinyl. Depending on the page, they will be prefabricated or may be instructed to taste.
Ideas for decorating with vinyl:

The chances of these elements in the interior are vast, and can be placed in any kind of stay home, including bathrooms and kitchens because the vinyl is waterproof.

In solid-colored vinyl, the burden will fall on how decorative these acquired. Can be purchased in the form of letters to form words or phrases, or imitating a shape or cut easily. For example, if you want a themed room on nature, can be purchased a green vinyl-shaped silhouette of plant on the wall.

The printed vinyl great potential. If they print a reason, for example, a simple pattern, may be placed on surfaces that are getting better integrate with the decor of the room. Some interior designers place them on appliances such as refrigerators or dishwashers to integrate with the rest of kitchen furniture in an effective and inexpensive.

They are also useful to get personalizing small items, such as bins. A basic paper may become an object only according to personal taste and decorating it with vinyl.

If you wish to decorate blinds or curtains, vinyls are also suitable. For example, a child’s room can be decorated in navy blue curtains with small stars, mimicking the night sky. If you wish to become a nursery theme inspired by the Pirates in a vinyl curtain may be placed in the shape of a treasure map.

Placing a decorative vinyl:

Placement can be done by one person, be straightforward if the vinyl is small. To place the larger it is preferable that two people work together. To place on a smooth surface such as wood, plastic or glass, first has to clean the area where it will adhere. Once dry the surface should begin to stick vinyl slowly taking off a small piece of paper covering the adhesive and gluing it to where you placed. It will slowly peel off the vinyl to go sticking to the surface, and with a spatula will be phased out air pockets that remain.

To remove the vinyl of this type of surfaces, must be done carefully and slowly to avoid damaging the surface on which it is placed. Vinyl, in most cases, be reused.

If you want to put in a textile, such as curtains, have followed the steps above to complete the process, has used an iron on medium to maximize fixation. In screen printing shops can handle special vinyl textiles. The vinyl placed on such surfaces can not be subsequently withdrawn.

In the world of interior design and decoration, the most important thing is to get a pleasing result for those who use the room, so it is important that the elements and style to suit personal taste. The vinyl are an effective and attractive to get to decorate a room without spending much money and without recourse to professionals.