How to Wash Your Hair Properly

By on December 28, 2011

shutterstock 340938 How to Wash Your Hair Properly

It is very important to know how to wash your hair properly because it can have a tremendous effect on the bounce and brilliance of your locks. You may have noticed that when you wash your hair in a hair salon, your hair looks extra soft and smooth but the same hair looks so limp and dead when you wash it at home. It is evident that washing your hair isn’t rocket science, but to know the proper way of washing your hair is of utmost importance and this post will help you to get a cleaner, healthier head of hair in just five minutes. Here is a step by step procedure on how to wash your hair properly in just five minutes.

Firstly get rid of the tangles by combing your hair before you wet it so the hair would wash easily and the tangles would not worsen. Wet your hair completely under the shower. Completely saturate your hair with water before you apply your shampoo.

Apply a quarter sized dollop of shampoo to the palm of your hand. Start by lathering hair at the roots and working your way down. Washing your own hair will never feel as good as getting shampooed at the hair salon, but the idea is the same. Instead of digging at your scalp with your nails, or focusing your efforts on the strands of your hair, you should gently massage shampoo into your scalp with your fingertips.

Gently massage your head in circular motions and lift hair from time to time from the roots. After about every 20 seconds, add just a little bit more water to your hands and work it into your hair. What you are doing is emulsifying your shampoo so that it can reach it’s potential and improving circulation in your scalp.

Rinse your hair thoroughly with lukewarm water. Squeeze out the excess water. With a squirt of conditioner rubbed between your palms, massage the ends of your hair up to the back of your head. Don’t put conditioner directly on your scalp. Leave on as long as directed.

Now comes the time to rinse away all of the grimy residue in your hair that you didn’t even know could accumulate so quickly. Rinse with more lukewarm water and follow with a cool- or cold-water rinse to seal the cuticle and enhance shine. Experts say you should wash your hair in hot or warm water to help remove dirt and build-up, and rinse in cool water to close the cuticle and add shine. However, the effects are barely noticeable.

Conditioners penetrate better on towel dried hair so remove excess water first. Be gentle! To protect your hair, smooth your hands from the top of your head down to remove excess water. As your hair grows longer, gather your hair at the base of your neck with one hand, and once anchored, use the other hand to gently press the water out of the ends of your hair. This way you will not just wash your hair properly in five minutes time but you will also notice the extra shine and volume added to your hair just like the way it gets in any hair salon.