How To Wear Glittery Eyeliner

By on December 28, 2011

 How To Wear Glittery Eyeliner

If you want to give your eyes a different look, a look that is more daring and fancy then you should definitely opt for glittering eye makeup. Although many people find it a little bit difficult because you need to know that glittery eyeliner is a little bit different from other eye makeup cosmetics.

Incase if you don’t know how to properly wear glittery eyeliner then it can run and smudge, clump up, and look like a mess. This is why I am here for, I will guide you how to wear glittery eyeliner and get that dramatically different look!!! Read on and learn how to carry or wear glittery eyeliner in just 5 minutes.

There are some people are comfortable with liquid eyeliner while others like a pencil; different people have different preference. Opt for something that will suit you.

Before you actually go for glittery eyeliner, learn how to apply eyeliner.

Experiment your new look at home first and see whether you are comfortable wearing and make sure that you are not allergic to any of it. And now the main part, if you are really I mean really wearing that eyeliner….make sure you have the right outfit to go with it. Never ever wear a glittery eyeliner in combination with glittery tops, bottoms, and shoes that will make you look weird and funny.

Avoid wearing tops that are in contrast with the shade of your glittery eyeliner. If your eyeliner is glittery green, don’t wear a pink top.

Last but not the least, remember it is only your eyes that need to glitter and not your whole face so you better not wear any shimmering lip glosses or apply shimmering makeup.