Ideal Indian Makeup For Brides

By on December 13, 2011

Indian Bridal Kundan Jewelry Set 5 Ideal Indian Makeup For Brides

As we know that on the special day of our life we pray to look different and gorgeous. For this we are dependant on our Beauticians but still giving you all some tips to keep in mind and to advice your beauticians.

1. Base Makeup: 
The base makeup plays an imporatnt role while starting makeup. Soem of the beauticians try to make you look more fairer then you are, try to avoid this. Your base makeup shuold match your skin tone perfectly. Try to look natural on the special day. Also apply some ice on your face before the base is applied so that the makeup lasts longer.

2. Eye Makeup Tips: 
Try not to put blue, yellow ,or any other different color on the special day. Use red or brown color eye shadow which gives you nice look with thick kajal and not dont forget to put mascara.

3. Lip Makeup:
Never use an outlandish shade of lip colour for your wedding day. The wedding outfit is mostly red (can be pink or orange at most) so limit your choice of shade to maroons and reds. Do not make the obvious mistake of choosing bright blood red or else you will look like a vampire bride. Tone it down to a richer shade.

4. Cheeks: 
Cheek makeup should be minimal because everything else is loud. Just a hint of red flush will do and use a very fine matt gold dust for the glow or else there will be shinny gold patches on your cheeks.

5. Decorative Art: 
Indian Bridal makeup usually includes decorating the forehead with shinning beads or sandal paste. This too should be minimal so that the beauty of the design is appreciated. Don’t try crowded or complicated designs.

I hope this will help you all to give advice to your beauticians also.