Important Makeup Brushes

By on November 5, 2011

 Important Makeup Brushes

Foundation brush
· This brush is used to apply foundation.
· Most foundation brushes that you find are flat and the hair has a round shaped
· Other foundation brushes like the ones from MAC are bigger and fuller with a flat

Powder brush
· Biggest brush in your kit and all the hair is the same length.
· This is only used to remove excess powder after you have applied it with your
powder puff.

Blusher brush
· This is a smaller version of the powder brush.
· Used to blend already applied blush.

Contour brush
· This is used to apply blush and it fits underneath your cheekbones.
· The hair of this brush graduates from short to long.

·It looks like a small broom and all the hair are the same length.
· Used only to blend the eye shadow and not for applying it.

Eye shadow applicator brush
· Smaller version of the contour brush.
· It is shaped in a rounded form and fits perfectly in the fold of the eye..
· All eye shadow colours can be applied with this brush.

Highlighting brush
· Bigger version of the eye shadow applicator brush.
· It has a rounded shape and is used to apply only highlighter.

Eyeliner brush
· Very small version of the contour brush.
· Used to fill in eyebrows and apply eyeliner.

Lipstick brush
· All the hair is the same length.
· Applying lipstick and lip gloss.