Industrial Kitchen Style

By on June 4, 2013

industrial kitchen designs012 Industrial Kitchen Style

Today we leave you with some examples of industrial style kitchens. If you like this type of decoration sure you’ll love the following photos. Particularly it is a system of decoration that we quite like maybe not to put it on a floor in all rooms but in the kitchen. Most of all we love in large venues where the walls or walls are not a big obstacle because they are usually open spaces.

In this case you can see a fully furnished with items, furniture, accessories and appliances made of aluminum and stainless steel. People, who choose this kind of style choose as elegant decor and personal. In addition to steel are doing very well two different materials! For one glass add items and accessories safe glass that will give a different touch and complement nicely. The other material that comes perfectly is the stone or brick. Especially when you can build a small wall near the kitchen where the brick is present and can be seen easily.

where lie the furniture is made whole brick. Unpainted also some bright color just the brick it is a very special finish and of course, you can see how it looks elegant. If you dare here we leave you some pictures.

Besides industrial style kitchen, this type of decoration can also lead to other rooms such as the living room a living room, dining room or a room. If you still have doubts here are these photographs for them to take a look and remove doubts about the decoration and this style so particular?