Interior Colors

By on October 6, 2011

Interior Colors

bathroom furniture and colors for 2011 Interior Colors

Today we will talk  about the influence of colors in the interior design. There are 4 main basic colors - red (body), blue (for the mind), yellow (emotions), and green, providing the balance of the previous three. Tones and semitones determine how they affect us.

But long before that time the inhabitants of ancient India and Egypt knew of the curative effect of color and use this knowledge. People who practice Feng Shui, remember that a properly chosen colors harmonize dwelling space. Use the information on color therapy should be literate, to prevent the reverse effect in the interior design.

Living room furniture and colors

living room furniture and colors for 2011 Interior Colors

Correct application of black and gray colors create a sophisticated simplicity in the living room interior. Green, orange and brown colors are well suited for your interior . Green is refreshing and brings harmony in interior to the environment. Orange and yellow – the color of optimism and goodwill, promote social interaction in the interior . Mismatched, they may pose a threat. Brown conveys the same force and charm in the interior , and that black, but with a warmth that goes from red and yellow.

If you want to create a feeling of lightness and light in your hallway, or else you want to see a riot of colors - the choice is yours, but never use yellow mustard! This color is traditionally associated with things without trace disappeared.

If you’re just not going to take one room at a party, then do not use a bright red color. It has a very stimulating effect on the interior . Deep blue – cold and formal, leave it to the interior design .

Kitchen furniture and colors

kitchen furniture and colors for 2011 Interior Colors

For kitchen and dining room interior are well suited white, yellow and orange colors. White represents purity and hygiene, but too much of this color can tire. Utensils and equipment. Yellow stimulates sociability in interior , while the orange shows warm and arouses the appetite. Note that many restaurants are choosing just the orange hues in interior. They decided to test the laws of color? Start with something not too radical: change the carpet, the tablecloth on the table, change the color of curtains, install new blinds on the windows!

Dining furniture and colors

dining room furniture and colors for 2011 Interior Colors

Kids room colors

kids room furniture and colors for 2011 Interior Colors

Bedroom furniture and colors

bedroom furniture and colors for 2011 Interior Colors