Interior Design

By on October 6, 2011

Interior Design

interior design Interior Design

We develop together a beautiful and comfortable home interior design. Create the interior with their own hands – it is a great opportunity to realize all your dreams into reality. There are many ways to decorate your home interior design and transform it into other colors.

Kids room interior

interior design for kids room Interior Design

Kids room interior design - it is no less important place in your apartment, because it is from there, will remember the first thoughts and impressions of your child. If design registration kids room should proceed primarily from the desire of the child, if the child is not 5 years old, but even in this case, you have to listen to their child. For many children and teenagers of their kids  room - is the main place where there are new discoveries and important knowledge.

Interior kids room , give a piece of your love and care when you wake away from his child. First we need to define the layout, and then later decorating designer jewelry. When you create an unique interior hands should be possible to protect your child, so do not put dangerous designer items in kids room, and less sharp corners on furniture.

Kitchen interior design

interior design for kitchen Interior Design

The most difficult place to create an unforgettable and unique interior will be a kitchen. Most of the time a person spends in the kitchen, and a housewife spends time in the kitchen much more than any other man. The proper and tastefully decorated kitchen interior will depend on, and delicious food and mood in the kitchen , with whom you wake her to cook. Planning – is one way to decorate the kitchen.

Kitchen interior design

kitchen interior design Interior Design

Types and styles of interior design of planning are many and varied. There are several types of planning, such as: M- layout, n-plan, with-layout. In M- layout is given additional emphasis on job location along two walls and the adjoining corner, this plan appears in the form of letters, the U-layout is located along three walls and occupies more space. P-planning is done in three, and even with the capture of the fourth wall, instead of the fourth wall sometimes use the bar, which will emphasize and clearly divide the kitchen interior into zones.

Dining room interior

interior design for dining room Interior Design

First we need to decide where it will be a dining room, passage and working area. If the size of kitchens allow, then it would be better to distribute to all zones separately. The main kitchen area is planning to give, but with the help of design techniques can vary all the zones. If you decide to remake the kitchen especially not spending, then the kitchen facilities for creative work very much. And if decide to radically change the interior, you should invest in a certain amount, but in future this amount will be repaid in the form of delicious dishes perfect housewife. New interior design with their own hands can be a huge range of colors and styles.

 Kitchen and dining interior

interior design for kitchen with dining room Interior Design

For the kitchen and dining room interior very well with baroque, country, modern, and others interior styles. For bedrooms and living rooms Gothic, Rococo, minimalist styles. Each style is highly varied, and therefore the choice of style should leave the last word for yourself and family preferences. External design is equally important and significant role. One of the objects of art, you can choose a chair or stool. Decorating and modifying the chair can use the various accessories and blankets and they made a unique luxury interior design .

Home interior design

home interior design Interior Design

Bathroom interior design

interior design for bathroom Interior Design

Bedroom interior design

interior design for bedroom Interior Design

Living room interior

interior design for living room Interior Design