Interior with cold shades

By on October 6, 2011

home interior Interior with cold shades

Interior Design

At the height of summer paint home interior design in cool tones of green, blue or purple, to feel the fresh breeze in a summer home. Here are a few ideas for inspiration.

1. Combined with white
Paint the walls in purple and white to get a bed like this.
How to do it:
- Use furniture in white, which contrasts the bright purple hue.
- Does not select too many – stick the paper in a baby blue on the board of the bed or use another cool shade somewhere else in the interior.
- Create emphasis by warm colors (such as carpets and blankets colored tangerine).

2. Trends and colors
This elegant room is hot right subject to the trend lately – a combination of blue and brown.
How to do it:.
- Choose one of the two colors for the interior accessories - so when you decide to change your palette, you just have to replace accents.

3. Mixing styles
Here’s another way to create a blue-brown combination in the interior.
How to do it:
- When using modern color palettes, choose better quality and durable furniture and accessories in neutral tones.
- Contact thematic furnishings with clean lines and simple accessories with a beautiful carpet in lavender, which acts as a connecting element between them (as shown in photo).

Interior design

interior design1 Interior with cold shades

4. Decorate your interior design with pillows and cushions.
Enhance with fresh neutral decor decorative pillows.
How to do it:
In summer cool shades of blue beat the heat. In winter, do replace them with energizing red or orange playful. Mix patterns - simple patterns are relatively modest, but you can combine with classic stripes and sophisticated pattern of the same color palette.

Blue bedroom interior

blue bedroom furniture Interior with cold shades

5. Blue bedroom
Blue is the most common color for the bedroom, perhaps because it is soothing and suits both men and women.
How to do it:
- Choose a soft shade that looks bright in daylight, but at the same time not too obtrusive artificial light of evening.
- Color and ceiling the same color, which walls in the room.
- Combine blue with light neutral shades, and bedding with blue and light brown.

Green interior design

green interior design Interior with cold shades

6. Light and fresh green interior design
Soft green shades seem almost neutral in this delicate living room.
How to do it:
- Select a lighter shade, which can be found to bring the interior interest through vivid and impressive accessories.
- Expand imposed more color palette by selecting elements in yellow-green.

Blue interior design

blue interior design Interior with cold shades

7. Subordinated blue interior design
Blue, combined with unobtrusive accents and neutral elements, looks beautiful and unpretentious.
How to do it:
- Use neutral bamboo blinds to add more texture and visual balance to blue, lest it seem too intrusive.
- Choose a warm color and discreet emphasis to plug in the interior - as this is done with a yellow strip of cloth on fabric armchairs.

8. Temporary solutions
Enjoy fresh colors for the warm months by selecting items that can be easily replaced. For this purpose you can use functional cases that can be easily placed and removed from furniture and colorful decorative pillows .

9. Triple combination
This interior cleverly combines lavender, royal blue and soft green.
How to do it:
- Blue or Lavender? Choose a shade walls, which can be adopted ambiguous.
- Focusing the walls in deep shade - purple or royal blue (as done in this living room ).

Interior design

modern interior design Interior with cold shades

10. Simple and beautiful interior design
How to do it:
- The walls and ceiling in a room lined with wallpaper - but instead can use a large pattern to achieve the same effect.
- Balance sweet combination of white and blue with dark wood furniture, to create a nice contrast to the eye.

11. Color Therapy
Blue-purple adds unexpected freshness to the kitchen.
How to do it:
- Try to include a fun color like this deep purple in the neutral atmosphere – this background it stands out very effectively.

11. Clever combination of colors
Secret of the skillful combination of colors lies in their diverse uses.
How to do it:
- Besides the colors, try to mix and patterns - lavender curtains with floral patterns create interest in space and simultaneously combine with delicate decoration graphic accents