Itching Skin Remedies

By on December 12, 2011

 Itching Skin Remedies

* Anti-itch lotions and ointments are the most effective remedies for itchy skin.

* Mixing three parts of baking soda in one part of water and applying the resultant paste on the affected area helps stop itching sensation on skin.

* Honey and cold pressed olive oil are also beneficial home remedies for itchy skin.

* Use a high quality moisturizing cream on your skin. Apply this cream at least once or twice daily.

* Aloe Vera gel is also one of the most effective remedy for itchy skin.

* Wear smooth textured cotton clothing. This will help you avoid irritation.

* Avoid scratching whenever possible. Cover the itchy area if you can’t keep from scratching it. Trim nails and wear gloves at night.

* Applying coconut oil mixed with lemon juice serves as a good natural remedy for Itchy Skin. Moreover, coconut oil also provides nourishment to the skin.

* Prepare nettle tea by steeping a teaspoon of dried nettle leaves in a cup of boiling water for about 15 minutes. Finally, have one or two cups of this tea to get rid of Itchy Skin.

* Application of a piece of cloth soaked in basil tea or mint tea is useful in the natural treatment for Itchy Skin.