Kelly Clarkson Makeup

By on December 28, 2011

Kelly Clarkson Makeup Kelly Clarkson Makeup

What exactly are you doing this weekend? Partying out with your friends? Why don’t you get your Kelly Clarkson makeup in just five minutes? Well yes it’s simple and chic too. You don’t have to spend hours deciding the various shades for yourself neither you need to fret as to how you will look. You will look perfectly alright with this barely there yet very much hip makeup. Just follow the instructions properly and soon you will have the look of you favorite American Idol. This makeup will look even better with How to get Half Updos in just 5 minutes?hairstyle.

Once you wash your face clean, apply foundation that suits your skin tone. You can also use concealer to hide your dark circles if need be. To settle the foundation, you can use large brush and apply it over the area in circular motion where you applied the foundation. Then you apply a blush in pink or peach shade on your cheeks. You can also smile while you blush your cheeks and sweep the brush across your cheeks all the way to your hairline.

Move on to your eyebrows and use quick short strokes on your brows with a brow pencil that matches your brow very closely. Next you use brown eyeliner on your eyelid and eyes too.

You need to be a little more careful while applying your eye shadow, here apply peach shadow in the upper corner of your lids and highlight your brow bones with pearl shades. To get a smokey look, apply deep blue or pencil eyeliner in eggplant shade on the lower lash lines and blend followed by a few coats of black mascara. You can also apply false eyelashes to get a more dramatic look. Refer how to apply false eye lashes.

Finally complete your Kelly Clarkson look by outlining your lips with nutmeg colored lipliner and fill it with violet lipstick followed by a rosy pink gloss on your lips.