Keys to distribute interior bathrooms

By on October 21, 2011

How to redistribute a given room furniture, floors, ceramic materials, to make it functional as well as enjoyable. Currently, the presence of the bathroom in the house no longer has only a sense of service, something that is supposed to be hidden. On the contrary, within the interior decoration has become an important figure that it should be noted.

Whether attached to a bedroom or a small cloakroom there are good reasons to pay close attention to distribution, materials used, placing furniture in the bathroom to be transformed into a cozy and pleasant.

bathroom interiors Keys to distribute interior bathrooms

Take advantage of gaps in the placement of furniture and accessories in the bathroom:

Bathrooms usually are limited in size and usually always find a way to enlarge them. When faced with obstacles that get smaller, such as up a ladder or an attic floor which is covered in the reduction zone can be placed the tub, since the use is nearly flush with the floor. Just a matter of careful getting in and out of it.

A toilet, together with a dining room can be solved in an area of ​​1.60 per meter., housing a sink and a toilet. In this type of bath is ideal to install a wall hung toilet, so you can use the bottom for example by a furniture work, Coated ceramics light or some other clear material, which saves space and also use to give the impression of greater surface.

For a master bathroom, the minimum width is 1.75 meters, which is the dimension that allows you to place a bath and attached to the wall. With 2.20 meters long can be placed in front of a sink and a toilet. The sinks range from 50 to 70 cm long and wide from 40 to 60 cm. So that people can use them comfortably need 60 cm in front of him.

In bathrooms large double sink can be placed. In this case the dimension must be taken into account is that between the axes of both basins must be 90 cm, which allows two people to simultaneously use the elbows without disturbing the other. The height should be 80 cm is approximately the floor, and its bottom ideal for storage.

It is advisable not to bring them under the window, so you can place a mirror forward. The best thing is the window to the side so that no glare and can give a good light natural to look in the mirror.

Toilet, bidet and bath items in the interior design of the bathroom:

The bidet is a device which is dispensed when the dimensions are slim. They occupy about 40 cm wide by 60 deep. Need to use a width of 60 cm in width and in front of them another 40 cm. The toilet measures 70 to 80 cm long, depending on the type of question; width about 55 cm. It requires a width of 60 cm and 50 cm front to be able to use it.

The bathtubs small, ranging from 1 to 1.50 m are banished from the homes, because the body fails to fully immerse themselves so it is a high water consumption as well as impractical. From 1.70 m is considered a good length, with width between 75 and 90 cm.

It is now widely used hot tub, which requires larger, and this is variable depending on the model you want to drop. As a matter of space, shower cabins enjoy a great comfort. With a square of side 90 cm and can be installed very comfortable. The space required to dry in front of them ranging from a minimum of 60 cm to a meter to make it more comfortable. Normally the shower is positioned attached to the walls, but now, in bathrooms that allow free are placed as a decorative element.