By on December 19, 2011

recipes 65 kheer Kheer

• 10 Pieces of almond, soaked separately
• 10 Pieces of cashew, soaked separately
• 10 Pieces of pista (pistachios), soaked separately
• 1 tbsp Khus khus, soaked separately
• 1 Lite milk
• 1-1/4 Cup sugar or as per taste
• Very little saffron, soaked in warm milk


• Peel off the almonds and pistachios.
• Grind all dry fruits (including Khus khus) together to smooth paste.
• Boil the milk until reduced to 3/4 of it.
• Add the dry fruit paste in the boiled milk and again boil until it blends well.
• Reduce the flame and add sugar.
• Stir constantly until the sugar gets dissolved.
• Take off heat and finally add soaked saffron.
• Cool it and serve.