Korean Makeup Products

By on December 29, 2011

The most popular beauty product in Korea right now is BB cream, of course. Korean hotties and us, European hotties icon smile Korean Makeup Products we simply go crazy over it because BB cream does wonders to your skin in a snap.  In Korea you can buy it in every beauty store for 10 EUR and for your information, ladies, Garnier  offers now their BB Cream in Europe, too. Yeah!! icon smile Korean Makeup Products

Mascara is a universal beauty product  ladies use to make their eyelashes appear longer and Korean girls are no exception. They use only black mascara and it’s mostly waterpoof because of the weather conditions there in Korea. I tried many different Korean beauty products and I must say their mascara is the best and it stays on like for 24 hours despite high humidity. I like it!!

Eyeliner is another hottest beauty product Korean girls love. They are real profis when it comes to applying eyeliner. Girls prefer Korean brands like Etude & MISSHA and again they use only waterproof  one. According to my observations, liquid eyeliner is more popular among Korean beauties than a regular pencil eyeliner unless it’s white kajal eyeliner. It is mostly applied onto the lower waterline of the eyes to create a doll-like look that is so popular in Asia. There are many ulzzang girls (the korean word for a good looking person) in Korea who look as pretty as celebrities.

T ara Korean Makeup Products

Korean girls love pinky lips. I’d even go that far and say they are lipglos junkies icon smile Korean Makeup Products   because they are literaly obsessed with it.  And it should be a brand item so other girls can get the right impression of how fashionalbe the lipglos owner is. It’s common in Korea to show off what you got so brand beauty products are really popular there.