Lawn Tips & Tricks

By on September 4, 2011

Holes in the bottom of a lawn look unsightly. Here you can easily fill sand that is mixed with some soil. Then on some grass seed and already is the site repaired. If only depressions in the lawn area are available, then it’s enough if you filled out a little earth. The grass does not mind, it continues to grow.
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Proper care is important for every lawn. And this means that even regular lawn mowing. One to two times a week is recommended a cut, but be careful, because means to cut short that the lawn can be damaged. Lawn aerator is a helpful tools for this. As a guide, take about 5 cm, in the shadow of something more. In addition, coarse grass clippings and leaves in the fall should always be removed from the lawn, because it may cause bald or rotting bodies.
Regular scarifying is very important. The felt on the grass is cut and removed. In addition, the grass is stimulated to new root growth. Then you should remove the felt torn from the surface.
Aeration is very important. Basically, you reach adequate ventilation of the lawn by the very scarifying. Nevertheless, one can occasionally make the effort and “puncture” the lawn with a digging fork. This improves air circulation and of course the water supply.
Lots of light and plenty of sun in summer can damage the grass. In contrast, only helps water. Regular watering saves the lawn, before it is too late. It should be soaked the lawn at least once a week to a soil depth of about twenty centimeters completely. If it is too late and the grass is not recovered, then you can remove only the dry grass and sow new grass.
Fertilization is obviously important for every lawn. Special lawn fertilizer, which can be purchased in any hardware or in stores contain a lot of nitrogen, phosphorus less and less potassium, which is exactly the nourish the grasses. The mixture is fairly well defined. It is best, fertilizer in spring after scarifying and then again in July / August deploy, requires 1 square meter per year, about 10-25g lawn fertilizer.