Leather Thong-Summer Anklet

By on September 7, 2011

Here is a simple leather anklet that you can easily make for yourself to wear around your ankle. This anklet will look beautiful on anyone’s ankle and it’s just right for wearing with those summer sandals too.

Summer is here and you’ll just want to paint your toe-nails and walk barefoot around the house or put on your favorite pair of leather sandals. Why not adorn your ankle with a leather anklet. The following anklet is made up of three leather die cut flowers and a leather thong. The idea is there for you to modify and create something unique for yourself.

So gather your supplies, make this leather anklet and show off your beautiful ankle to your friends this summer.

leather anklets sm Leather Thong Summer Anklet

Jewelry Making Suppliers:

1. 3 pieces leather die cut flowers

2. 1 piece leather thong about 16 inches long

3. 3 gemstone beads to match the leather

4. Needle and thread

Jewelry Making Instructions:

1. Thread needle and sew gemstone bead to each die cut flower.

2. Sew the three die cut flowers to the center of the leather thong.

Voila! Your very own leather anklet in two simple steps.

Here’s a bigger picture of the die-cut flower I used for this project.


leather flower Leather Thong Summer Anklet

And here’s a closer view of the three leather flowers with the gemstone beads.

3 leather flowers sm Leather Thong Summer Anklet

You can purchase these leather die cuts and leather thongs from the craft shops. Whatever color you choose, just match them with your own unique gemstone beads.


gemstone beads Leather Thong Summer Anklet