Lip Gloss Tips

By on December 6, 2011

 Lip Gloss Tips

The application of makeup should be an extension of a woman’s personal style. There is no conceivable way any woman can decide on a style of makeup without considering what clothing she is wearing, shoes, bag and for what occasion. Hair style is also a key component in the makeup category.

Lip Gloss Tips

·     The “Hottest Makeup Tips” no matter where you are going and what mood you are in include lip gloss.

  • Select a neutral color like clear or wear a lip gloss that matches, complements or contrast with clothing
  • Match the lip gloss to a lip liner that is the color of your clothing – red dress, red lip gloss. Pink dress, pink lip gloss
  • Apply the lip liner first, corner to center, for the upper and lower lip then apply the lip gloss the same way.
  • Lip gloss goes on after the lip stick and lip liner application.
  • Don’t over use the lip gloss, apply a little at a time to the upper and lower lips

Lip gloss and lip liner alone make a great fashion statement especially when a woman has good skin.

So often women don’t dress as nicely or as fashionable as they could. Just because a woman is going to the grocery store doesn’t mean she doesn’t wear her lip gloss. Yes that might be the only makeup she wears.

Think in terms of how to wear the hottest makeup trends for an everyday look. Maybe your everyday activity is a stay at home mom. Maybe you have a career and no kids. If you work full-time outside of the home, then your everyday look is a “Daytime Career” style.

Wearing lip gloss as part of a “Daytime Career” style is definitely on the list of the hottest makeup trends. In fact there is no place you can’t wear lip gloss, you can even wear it to bed. The best lip gloss products provide badly needed moisture for the lips.

You can use the lip gloss alone, with a liner or on top of a lipstick or lip stain.

If you wear your lip gloss to bed and your lips will stay soft and make sure you use some lip liner and you will be even more irresistible in the morning.