By on October 21, 2011

When we speak of makeup for the lips we are facing, very often, a real dilemma: some people prefer to look totally water and soap, enriched himself and perhaps only by a simple gloss transparent, or who, however, .. . throws herself on bright colors like red or a nice bright pink. But you know that the choice of a particular color over another may have a significant, more or less positive, emphasizing some small defects of our mouths? Let’s find out some tricks to avoid this.
Very often it happens to all of us to focus when we talk about makeup in general, make-up eyes, what kind of eye shadow or pencil point, or on some type of blush or foundation would be better for our skin type, or to cover any imperfections, but our lips?

Even the lips, as you well know, are in need of care and a look appropriate and will not vary only according to the occasion or time of day but also based on our appearance, even according to some minor glitches that we have and that with a certain lipstick to accentuate risk falling even then in total disaster.

One could say that each type has its mouth lipstick or gloss on his ideal, some examples? If we have too protruding teeth is not recommended to use a make-up too loud, too bright, which would only emphasize the defect that we have the green light to these lipsticks but if we have perfect white teeth.
Shades too dark, such as a spick-and-red lipstick off, is to enhance the yellow color of our teeth, so beware!

As you can see the rules are pretty slim, just based on these and you’re done! You have great lips!