Lipstick Applying Tips

By on December 11, 2011

 Lipstick Applying Tips

Here are some tips to apply lipstick specially when you are applying bold colors.

Red lips are set to be hot this summer, It is a colour which can be worn with multiple effects.

Joined up with a trend setting hairstyle, well defined eye brows and black eyeliner, colours may vary from bright berry lips to a vibrant pink.

Make sure your lips are in top shape when these bold colours and apply lipstick carefully.

1. Keep lips hydrated, to avoid chapping.

2. Ensure you exfoliate the lips regularly, to remove dead skin cells, best done by using a baby or child, soft toothbrush

3. Apply a moisturiser to your lips before doing anything else. Elf cosmetics Therapeutic Conditioning Balm- Strawberry Creme

4. Using a lip pencil of a similar, or darker shade than your lipstick, draw the outline of your upper lip, starting from the centre and work towards the edge of the lip. Close your mouth and keep the lips tight when you are doing this. Repeat for the lower lip. benefit cosmetics lip sketching pencil – mercy – lip liner.

5. Fill the colour in your lips applying with a brush, is a great way to ensure perfect looking lips. Buy Cosmetics is a great source for lipstick and lip gloss.

6. Once you have completed the filling of colour, then open the mouthwide and apply to the corners of the lips.

7. Blot with tissue paper

8. Check your teeth