Look Stunning All Day Long

By on October 28, 2011

 Look Stunning All Day Long

Follow these guidelines to stay fresh and stunning all day long.

1- Foundation: You can keep the foundation smooth all day long by dabbing a wet makeup sponge on the cracks and wrinkles. This technique keeps your appearance smooth without having to reapply makeup all over again.

2- Blush: Blush will keep you looking stunning all day. Use a primer before you apply blush in the morning, it helps keep the makeup fresh for longer periods.

3- Mascara: To keep the mascara fresh, work it on the roots of your eye lashes to make them look thicker. This will also keep the tips light and hold the lashes in place. You can also look for a mascara that contains natural waxes.

4- Lips: To help the lipstick last wronger, you should prepare your lips with a primer. You can also apply a creamy concealer that will creat a smooth layer for the lipstick and help it last longer. Apply multiple coats of lipstick to push the color deep into the lips.