Maintenance of ceiling fans

By on November 4, 2011

The ceiling fans in your homes little by little are collecting all the dust, bugs that are there, fat out of the kitchens and cobwebs, so that gradually change color, becoming spots and looking like the worst element decorative your space. And keep them clean is not easy, but it is possible with a few simple tips.

maintenance ceiling fan 300x227 Maintenance of ceiling fans

A very important advice is to remove the dust that is located on the top of the blades, as the cobwebs, dust and bugs like little mosquitoes that they stay there. To not use a feather and you run the risk of everything over there fall on you, you are recommended taking a pillow case no longer use, you put on top of each blade and dirt will stay in there for they then throw away.

When you’ve finished each of the blades with the pillowcase and if dust still remains, you can continue with the duster because it will be much less dust and dirt that is up there, and you can get rid of the dust and left in round the middle which was not affected by cleaning the blades, until it is completely clean.

If you later want to remove the stains that have been, you are recommended you use a sponge and a mild soap with water, you’re going to put gently to avoid scratching the blades and then removed with a damp cloth. You can also use other stain removal products for furniture, but make sure they are not very strong and can ruin the finish or shine you have your fan.