Make Up For A Perfect-Advice Of Popular Dive!

By on October 23, 2011

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With regard to our make-up very often we rely on our instincts, to what we see on the runway or on TV or in some cases, what the most famous makeup artist proposed as new trends or remedies to defeat … king or camouflage imperfections. But today I did not choose these solutions, I decided to refer back to the world of the stars which are often the first to dispense his own beauty secrets. Let’s discover some, and why not, test them directly!

How different will never dive in our country and overseas to be always clean and bright smooth skin? Of course, their beauty experts and makeup certainly know how to make radiant but let’s say that even the stars themselves have some tweaking in respect of which are very close!
The beautiful Julia Roberts, for example, seems to be an avid runner of olive oil! The actress uses it not only for the hair, to make them more full-bodied, enveloping, but also for his skin and nails! Thanks to its extra virgin olive fact allows us to have a skin silky hair and rocking!
The former Spice Girl, Geri Halliwell, has claimed to have a ritual rather constant after every shower, a cold water passed over the whole body, a method that helps to stimulate the circulation and tone all areas at risk such as legs and buttocks , fantastic is not it?
Laetitia Casta, our partner Stefano Accorsi, use a lotion instead of her children before applying shampoo on her hair, the end result? A crown can not find a real star?

You have problems of eyelash growth or are too fragile? Follow the advice of the beautiful Nicoletta Romanoff and used every evening before going to bed, to apply castor oil on the area of the lashes, you will see that you get a cat look flawless!