Make your own wrap bracelet

By on December 7, 2011

 Make your own wrap braceletYou will need:


  • 25-35 mm button or other large focal with a hole or shank for threading
  • 60-70 6-8 mm assorted-shaped gemstone, glass, fire-polished, or crystal beads with at least a 1-2 mm hole
  • 54-60 in. (1.4-1.5 m) leather cord or suede lace – I used 3.2 mm diameter suede lace for my bracelet
  • 4 yd. (3.7 m) 0.5 mm diameter waxed-linen thread or leather cord7345.wrapfigure Make your own wrap bracelet
  • Big-Eye needle


This is one beading project where you don’t have to hide the knots.




[1] Cut the leather cord in half. Tie one end of each cord to the 25-35 mm button with a square knot. Approximately 1 in. (2.5 cm) after the button, tie the cords together with an overhand knot.


[2] Tie 4 yd. (3.7 m) of 0.5 mm waxed-linen thread to one of the leather cords with a surgeon’s knot. Thread a Big-Eye needle on the thread, and sew around the cord from front to back.


[3] Pick up a 6 mm bead, and push it close to the cord you tied the thread to (going forward this will be called the upper cord). Sew around the lower cord from front to back, and sew back through the 6 mm bead. Sew around the upper cord from front to back.


[4] Repeat step 3 (figure), using an assortment of beads for the length of the cords, leaving approximately 3 in. (7.6 cm) of cord to make a loop for the closure. End the thread by tying a surgeon’s knot between the cord and the last bead. Trim the thread.


[5] With both cords, tie an overhand knot. With the ends, make a loop near the last beads large enough to fit around the button at the other end. Tie a square knot. Trim the cords if necessary.


Wrap the beaded cords around your wrist two or three times, and voilà!




 Make your own wrap bracelet


 Make your own wrap bracelet Make your own wrap bracelet