Makeup tips for removing dark circles

By on December 26, 2011

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If you have dark circles under your eyes, do not try to cover them up as usually it makes them more prominent. Put a bit of highlighting shadow (white or any pale shade) under the eyes, on the outside corners. This trick will make the dark circles less noticeable.

You may like to cover them up completely. If so, apply a little foundation over them, which should be of a lighter shade than the shade of the usual one for the rest of your face. Put a very thin coating and when dry, cover up with the usual foundation.

If you want to re-do your face during the day, do not take off every scrap of make-up.

With cleansing lotion, take off all the make-up except the eye make-up. You can erase the eye-shadow also without disturbing the mascara on the lashes. But do it with a mild skin freshener because other cleansers may contain some detergent, which will sting your eyes.

For re-make-up, you should replace eye-shadow and all the other make-up. Then coat your lashes again with a very thin coating of mascara

For dark circles under the eyes, increase your daily intake of water to a minimum of 8 to 10 glasses.