Makeup Tips For the Fall and Winter Season

By on December 24, 2011

 Makeup Tips For the Fall and Winter Season

Winters grabs everything cold and icy feeling. Your skin also suffers a lot in the winter. When your skin dries out in winter, your skin should be supplemented by several rich moisturizers and cold cream. But this would not be enough.

Here are some tips on how to look glamorous with winter makeup tips.

Step 1
Use a foundation that a rich hydrating in it, to maintain your skin is equipped with the necessary moisture. In the other practice, prior use a moisturizing cream on the application of foundation, incase you have the normal foundation. This will help your foundation go much smoother and give a perfect look.

During the winter to prevent the use of makeup sponges. The sponges to sop the vital moisturizers for your skin.
When applying foundation during the winter, it’s a safer practice to use a foundation brush.

The best thing about winter is that you can test different colors of makeup. Go for vibrant and rich colors for a change. It gives you a fresher look livelier. When we say lively, but that does not overly done makeup. Brighter colors such as red plum and rich maroons would give you a graceful and beautiful look.

Winters tend to your lips dry and crack. Hence prefer a lipstick with added moisturizer or bring a shine on your favorite lipstick so your lips a shiny healthy look.

For final touch, add a little bronzer on your face. This gives you a sun shade, giving you a refreshing and brilliant look, in the dull season.