Makeup trends for winter 2012

By on September 30, 2011

Today we talk about matchy make up, make up one of the trends that will trim a leading role in the coming winter. Every year we used to have a lot to do with make-up trends, sometimes very different.One of us draws from these are useful ideas to create more new tricks, but fit your style and own personality.

The matchy make-up is to combine together the various parts of the make-up so that they are perfectly harmonized, so to speak, you can use a color identical to that of enamel eye shadow, blush or lipstick in shades and a similar and so .
For the perfect make-up days matchy is strictly neutral tones, which implies a bare hot enamel, lipstick in the same range of colors, a blush and a soft biscuit eye makeup in shades of brown, taupe and the sand. Of course you can choose to combine only parts of the make-up as the lips and cheeks or eyes and nails.

For the evening to play with the color blue is the trendissimo, star of eye makeup and nails for the king of winter, but not by chance that Chanel and Dior have focused on this color. To make the most of a combination matchy make-up, the ideal solution is to apply a beautiful deep blue glaze on the eyes and create a dramatic smokey eye shadow using a similar hue.

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