Makeup your eyes like a Belly Dancer

By on December 28, 2011

eyes1s Makeup your eyes like a Belly Dancer

Do you wish to look like Shakira? There are many who have perfected the art of belly dancing but when it comes to makeup they just look so lost and out of place. Therefore makeup is equally important for your performance as is your dance. Hence you can learn your steps from Shakira and as for your makeup is concerned, well am here and am happy to help. Just read and follow the instructions and apply it to look like a pro belly dancer.

Things you’ll need:



Black eyeliner

solid black mascara

black eyeshadow

A shimmery pale colored eyeshadow (gold or any other shade)

brow powder/eyebrow pencil preferably a shade or two darker than your skin

Brushes:  Angled eye shadow brush, round eyeshadow brush, brow brush


As eyes are the main attraction here so on your face just apply foundation followed by blush to even your skin color. Apply eyebrow pencil on your eyebrows and extend t out a little. Next you highlight your brow bones with shimmer right from the crease of your eyelid up to your brows.  Use the round brush for this.  To apply the black eyeshadow use the angle brush and draw a diagonal line from the outside corner of your eye all the way to the end of your eyebrow. Give your eyes an almond shape by gradually applying eyeshadow from the lash line up to the lid crease you have to lighten the color as you reach the inside corner of your eye. Draw a thin line on top of your lash line and make it thicker as you move towards the end of your eyebrows. You have to go past your eyelid and fill up that area with a few extra lines of black eyeliners one on top of the other. Line your bottom lash line with a thin line of black eyeliner followed by a 4-5 coats of black mascara. You can also team it up with false eyelashes.