Making space division in room

By on December 31, 2011

If you have enough space available to place in different rooms or are looking to mimic the loft style is necessary to take into account some tips before starting the rearrangement of furniture.

First you must be clear about what they want to achieve, if the unification of two rooms or a flat separating them. This form will distinguish between the kitchen and dining or just create two rooms in the same room.

Division thumb 450x300 Making space division in room

In either case the Curtains textiles and screens can be an excellent choice not to mention the economy and versatility of these divisions. Only you decide if they will hang from the ceiling or will be in a frame of wood or metal.

Remember that the general style must remain ever present and use the separators should always fit perfectly with it. Thus many designers prefer to use furniture rather than some panel.

However, the furniture that is chosen for this purpose possess a superior visual make the cut in this way guarantees a very chic and modern for your entire home. A small table, a couch or stool function can make the wall if you know how to place them.

If your thing is to make a radical change we suggest you choose the plates, PVC or even with some embedded design, will then have two separate rooms by a work of art and not a rough wall.